Wild Elements is a video game produced by Red Tiger Gaming.

Players Enjoy a Reckless Good Time Thanks to Wild Elements

Wild Elements is a supernatural slot machine developed by Red Tiger. Although it won’t be available to the general public for a few more months, players at Casumo Casino currently have the opportunity to try it out. The new game gets its name from the four elements of Air, Earth, Fire, and Water that are referenced in a variety of different magical systems. The entire game is immersed in mystical moments, so if you want your slot games to have a pseudo-spiritual edge to them, Wild Elements could be the answer to your prayers.

The Four Untamed Components…

The four untamed elements in this game are personified as females and are referred to by their respective feminine monikers: the Air Spirit, the Earth Guardian, the Fire Empress, and the Water Nymph. The game contains seven reels and six rows, and all of the elemental entities that were just described appear as wild symbols. These symbols can be stacked a maximum of six high, and they can occupy a total of two reels at the same time. The background is quite ethereal and hazy, which leads one to believe that the game might be taking place in some kind of netherworld or gap between dimensions; nevertheless, you shouldn’t quote us on that.

Other symbols that are employed in this game are all pretty enigmatic, with the exception of a Mystic Spins scatter and a Sphere of Fortune, which is why we won’t even make an attempt to define them in any way that could be considered definite. Let’s just suppose that they are all illustrated in the soft, pastel-colored manner of a new-age bookstore, and that the soundtrack is similarly ambient. Let’s also say that they all have the same theme. We have already mentioned that if you enjoy things of this nature, you will absolutely adore Wild Elements.

… and a Goddess of Good Fortune

If you land three or more of the Mystic Spins symbols anywhere on the reels, the free spins feature will be triggered for you. In this stage of the game, you have the option of taking the position of any one of the four beings associated with the elements, and your choice will define the rules that govern how the stage will proceed for the rest of its runtime.

If you manage to land a Sphere of Fortune symbol anywhere on the reels while playing the free spins bonus round, a Fortune Goddess will appear and bestow her blessing upon you. This could take the form of an increase in the win multiplier or additional free spins. To make matters even better, the Goddess may pay you additional visits within the same round of free spins, elevating the level of success you achieve to heavenly proportions.

Embrace the Winner That Lies Within You!

The mysterious visuals of Wild Elements might not appeal to everyone, but the fact that you can win up to 5,000 times your original wager is something that will impress even the most logical of gamers. Participate in the game, which is only available at Casumo Casino right now, and with any luck, you’ll find your winning side in no time!

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