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Another EEG toy hack with Arduino :-)

Saturday, September 17th, 2011

Frenzy from has created another EEG hack based on a “Star Wars force trainer” toy!

He provides full instructions on how to mod the trainer and interface it with the Arduino and he also provides the appropriate Brain library  (same used with Neurosky headsets and Mattel MindFlex) to interface with the latter.

He is able to retrieve and visualize the data produced by the trainer which include Connection quality, Attention, Meditation, Delta, Theta, Low Alpha, High Alpha, Low Beta, High Beta, Low Gamma and High Gamma.

Nice work demonstrating once again how feasible it has become to acquire EEG signals with low-cost commercial – toy devices! Next step would be to try some data classification and try to actually build a train model out of the signals! :)

All steps and software available here.

Brain Hack: Hacking the MindFlex with Arduino

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

Another DIY Brain Machine Interface by using the MindFlex and an Arduino. MindFlex is a commercial (gaming) wireless headset that reads brainwave activity.

It uses a NeuroSky EEG chip.

FrontierNerds have managed to disassemble it and add an Arduino for receiving all the chip EEG signals and interpreting them.

This is what the main h/w schematic looks like:

They also have developed their own Arduino Brain Library for parsing data from Neurosky-based EEG headsets

Video overview of the hacking process:


More information about BrainHack and instructions here.

Brain-Controlled Wheelchair with EEG sensor and Arduino

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

It is is very clear that EEG sensors and headsets are becoming more commercialized and thus accessible to users for building custom brain machine interfaces with various functionalities from switching TV channels to controlling wheelchairs as in this case:

The parts of this system include an electric wheelchair, a laptop computer, an Arduino, an interface circuit, an EEG headset, and a collection of ready-made and custom software.

The software which was written specifically for this project (including the GUI and Arduino sketch) has been bundled with Puzzlebox Brainstorms, and is released freely under an Open Source license.

The EEG headset, which connects wirelessly to the laptop, allows the operator to simply think “forward” or “left” or “right” to cause the wheelchair to move.  Performance is related to practice by the user, proper configuration of the software, and good contact made by the EEG electrodes on the scalp of the operator.

The interface circuit connects between the Arduino’s digital pins and the joystick of the wheelchair.  When the Arduino receives a command from the computer, it causes the circuit to “fool” the wheelchair into thinking that the operator has moved the joystick.

MindWave Hack with Arduino

Saturday, June 25th, 2011

Another Brain Machine Interface demonstrating how feasible it is with Arduino and low cost EEG Sensors like the MindWave headset from NeuroSky.

Daniel Bertner uses the Arduino to control a servo and some leds with his mind.

Arduino can be directly interfaced with the headset according to manufacturer’s instructions here.

More info here.

Arduino assisted mind-controlled television using EEG

Friday, June 24th, 2011

This guy (only resource is the following video) has interfaced an EEG headset and an arduino with an IR LED to control his television set with the powe of his thought!

Nice demonstration of how a brain interface can be built with Arduino :)